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Rug / Upholstery

Cleaning rugs and upholstery requires a very different technique than with cleaning carpets. Unlike with carpets, rugs and upholstery usually don’t have a strong backing. They are also typically made from more sensitive fibers, like wool, silk, or natural blends. When you hire Citrus Fresh Torrance, CA for your rug and upholstery cleaning services, you can trust us to get the job done while taking good care of your property.

Area Rug Cleaning Methods

With the exception of some industrial-made rugs, most area rugs should never be scrubbed. The abrasiveness could cause severe damage to the rug, such as causing fibers to loosen or break and causing dyes to fade or bleed. To make sure your rug is being cleaned in the most effective manner, Citrus Fresh Torrance, CA has a team of rug experts on staff.

Our rug experts will first assess your area rug. They will note the type of weave and fibers used in the rug as well as any damaged areas and stains. The process of rug cleaning may change depending on the specific characteristics of your rug, but here is the general process you can expect:

  • Mechanical Dusting and Vacuuming: Using pressurized air, we dust the rug. A vacuum sucks out the dust as it is released. This gets rid of the majority of dry debris in the rug, including allergens, dirt, and pet dander.
  • Special Pretreatments: If your rug is heavily stained or has pet urine stains, then we will apply special pretreatments to get rid of the stains.
  • Rinsing: We will then rinse out the detergents with running water.
  • MOR Rug Cleaning: A MOR rug cleaning machine is known as the “gentle giant” because it uses water to blast dirt out of rugs while preserving their fibers and dyes. The machine applies shampoos, rinses, and extracts water.
  • Rug Drying: All rugs are hung to dry in a room with controlled humidity and temperature settings. This ensures that your rug will not shrink or be otherwise damaged while drying.
  • Rug Brushing and Grooming: Our experts can optionally groom your rug to restore its texture.
  • Rug Wrapping and Delivery: We wrap all rugs in plastic for delivery. This helps protect the rug during delivery and also makes it easy for you to put the rug in storage. Rug delivery is always free and we will even move furniture to put the rug back for you.

Upholstery Cleaning Methods
Most furniture today is upholstered with a blend of fibers which can be natural or synthetic. To make sure the upholstery does not weaken, it must be cleaned with special care.

Depending on the type of upholstery you have, we may use hot water extraction, steam cleaning, deep shampooing, special treatments, or hand washing. We can clean leather upholstery and this is always done by hand.

Along with the appropriate cleaning method, it is very important to choose the right cleaning chemicals for upholstery. At Citrus Fresh Torrance, CA, our upholstery cleaning experts are trained to identify the appropriate cleaner based on upholstery types. Our commitment to technology means that our machines can safely extract all chemical residues along with the dirt in your furniture. Your furniture is left looking spotlessly clean and is free of chemicals, bacteria, and contaminants. All cleaning chemicals are organic-based and non-toxic.

Why Call Citrus Fresh for Rug and Upholstery Cleaning?
Citrus Fresh has been providing rug and upholstery cleaning services in Torrance, CA since 1994. We are the best at what we do and guarantee 100% satisfaction. We live up to this promise by doing the best job and giving customers the best services.

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