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No matter how much you vacuum or scrub your carpets, there is some dirt and stains that you won’t be able to get out. You need the help of professionals who have industry-grade equipment and tools. Call in Citrus Fresh Torrance and we will get your carpets truly clean.


We have worked with hundreds of residents in Torrance to get stains out of their carpets and routine carpet care. Our customers know that they can trust us with their carpets because of how much consideration we put into each job. We carefully inspect the carpet at the start of each job to find stains and problem areas, such as areas worn from foot traffic. Then we get to work spot-treating areas and going over every square inch of the carpet to make it look like new again. We always take care to protect your baseboards, walls, and other property.


There are many benefits of choosing carpet for your business, such as soundproofing, better insulation, reducing slips and falls, and because it adds beauty to your business. Yet, many businesses choose not to use carpeting because they are too worried that it will be difficult to clean. With our easy commercial carpet cleaning plans, there is no reason not to enjoy the beauty and benefits of carpet. Our technicians are IICRC Certified and work around your schedule. We can come to your business during off hours and have the entire business cleaned and dry before your employees and customers return. Our plans are flexible and tailored to meet your needs.


At Citrus Fresh Torrance, we don’t just clean carpets in buildings! We can also clean the carpet in your boat or yacht. We do this with portable cleaning machines which operate on generators. Whether on sea or land, you can count on us to do a fantastic job with your carpets, get rid of stains, and restore them to their former beauty.


When your carpet gets wet, you should not wait to call for professional help. Unfortunately, too many people assume that the carpet will dry on its own. What they don’t realize is that mold growth is almost inevitable on carpets which remain wet for more than a few days, especially considering the humid Torrance air. If mold growth hasn’t begun, we can save your carpet by extracting the water, cleaning the affected areas or entire carpet, and replacing carpet padding if necessary. If mold growth has begun, we may still be able to save your carpet. We apply powerful mold-killing biocides and antifungals to make your home safe again and extract mold stains from the carpet fibers.


Our goal is to make carpet cleaning services as easy as possible for you. There is absolutely no need to move your furniture off the carpet before we arrive. Our technicians will carefully lift and move your furniture to wherever you’d like it kept. We can even move your furniture back for you, propping it up on special blocks so no bleeding occurs while the carpet is drying.


We are here to help! Contact us today to get a free estimate on carpet cleaning services. Schedule carpet cleaning with our other cleaning services to get a discount.

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