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Pet Stain and Odor Removal

It is amazing how much odor can come out of a small spot of pet urine – even after you have cleaned it multiple times. The reason that pet stains smell so bad is because they start going through chemical reactions the moment they hit the carpet (or upholstery, drapery, rug, etc.). At first, the urine is very hot and this heat allows the urine to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers and padding. Not long after, bacteria begin to feed on the proteins in the urine. At this point, you will notice the ammonia smell of the urine becoming stronger. You will also start picking up a musty odor. This mustier odor comes from bacterial waste. Cats have more protein in their diets, so their urine becomes especially foul smelling quickly. There can also be hormones in the urine (such as from male cat or dog spray) which adds to the horrendous stink.

You’ve Got to Find the Pet Stains First

Before you can begin cleaning up pet stains, you’ve got to locate them. Chances are that your pet had more accidents or dribbles on the carpet than you realized. Our Torrance, California pet stain removal experts have found pet urine in all sorts of place. There are the obvious spots, like near litter boxes and doorways, but we’ve also found old pet stains in places like underneath sofas and between cushions.
To help locate all pet stains which may be reeking up your home, our carpet cleaning team uses UV lights. Under the UV light, pet stains – including vomit and fecal residue – glow brightly.

Now You Need the Right Cleaning Chemicals
If you call Citrus Fresh Torrance, California carpet cleaning services when the pet stain is still fresh, it is relatively simple for our experts to get out the entire spot before the pet urine has had time to damage the carpet. We use enzyme cleaners which break down the acids in the spot. But, if you wait even a few days, the pet fluids can cause a permanent yellowish stain.

Many homeowners think that the yellowish of a pet stain is from the urine itself. Really, this stain is because the bacteria in the stain have reacted with the dyes. As the bacteria grow and produce waste byproducts, the stain goes from being acidic to alkaline. The alkalinity causes the dyes to come unfixed from the fibers. Wool carpets and upholstery will turn yellow incredibly quickly, but silk and nylon are also very sensitive to pet urine.

To clean older pet stains, our team will have to apply the precise cleaning chemicals. The acids in pet urine are impervious to water and detergents. Our team will use enzyme cleaners to destroy the acidic proteins in the stain as well as the alkaline bacteria. The DIY enzyme cleaners you find at pet stores usually aren’t up for this task. At this point, the stain has probably set so only a hot wet extraction can remove it. Citrus Fresh Torrance has been cleaning pet stains for over 19 years, so you can count on our team to get out every last bit of pet residue and bacteria.

We Get Out All of the Stain
At Citrus Fresh Torrance, California, our pet stain cleaning experts pride themselves on being thorough. Equipped with a fleet of high-powered deep extraction machines, we can suction out all traces of a pet stain and leave the spot clean and bacteria-free. If necessary, we will take extra steps to ensure no residue is left behind. We can even extract stains which have sunk into the subfloor and replace pieces of fouled carpet padding. You don’t have to worry about a thing because our team will even move your furniture off the rug for you. If we need to lift up your carpet, we will always put it back for you.

We Can Help with Other Tough Stains Too
Urine stains are the most common problem we solve for pet owners, but our team at Citrus Fresh Torrance carpet cleaning can also help with other stains too. We use special formulations of enzyme cleaners and deep extractors to remove:

  • Vomit stains
  • Fecal stains
  • Toddler stains

To save your carpet, rugs, and upholstery from damage and discoloration, it is important to take care of pet stains as soon as possible. Call us at Citrus Fresh Torrance, California for a free estimate and to find out how we can help.

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