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Curtains and Drapes Cleaning

When it comes to home cleaning, our curtains and drapes are often overlooked. Just like your upholstery and carpets, the fibers in curtain and drapes attract a lot of dust and dirt. They also gather exhaust and other pollution from outdoors. Over time, it causes them to look faded and dingy. At Citrus Fresh Torrance, we are experts in curtain and drape cleaning services and make it easy for our customers to have great looking homes.

Residential Curtain and Drape Cleaning Services

There is no need to take down your curtains and remove the hardware to clean them. We use hot water extraction machines with special wand attachments for curtains and draperies. The wands are passed over the fabrics to loosen dirt and remove it. Curtains and drapes are left to dry in place so you don’t have to worry about them wrinkling. Depending on temperatures and fabric type, your curtains are usually dry within one day. Our methods are IICRC Certified and we also keep the integrity of your curtain and drape fibers intact.

Commercial Curtain and Drape Cleaning Services
Adding curtains or drapes to your office windows is a small thing but can make a major impact on the appearance and atmosphere of your business. We understand that business owners don’t want to waste time thinking about how their curtains are going to be kept clean. Let us do that for you! We offer cleaning and maintenance programs for commercial businesses. We will come at a time which is convenient to you and won’t disrupt business operations. Our technicians work efficiently and discreetly to clean curtains, drapes, and other surfaces like flooring and upholstery so your business always looks clean and professional.

How to Keep Your Drapes and Curtains Looking Great
Here are some tips on how you can preserve the life of your curtains and drapes and keep them looking great between professional cleanings.

  • Vacuum Regularly: Every time you vacuum your floors, you should also vacuum the window coverings as well. Always start from the top and work your way down to collect the dust as it drops. Make sure to use the low setting if you have one!
  • Use Blinds with Dark Drapes: Dark-colored drapes and curtains will fade with sunlight. Protect them by using blinds or other window coverings.
  • Be Careful about Machine Washing: Some drapes and curtains can be safely washed in the machine in the gentle setting. Do not wash drapes or curtains which have pleats, which are made out of non-washable fabrics, which have embellishments or trims, or have been weakened by sunlight.

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